Emerging Media…The Future of Interaction

While this isn’t my first blog post, it will serve as an introduction to the content that will be posted for the coming weeks. So Welcome!

Emerging Media — The Focus of my Posts

As you have probably read, I am currently working on my master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications. Part of my curriculum is a course titled, “Emerging Media & The Market”. During the next nine weeks, I will be posting various topics dealing with Emerging Media. But don’t be fooled by the term. As you will notice, emerging media is more than just Facebook, Twitter and Google advertising.

In my humble opinion, emerging media is any technological platform that delivers content between consumers and between a brand and its audience. It is the future of media. As it stands, people want instant communication. Why wait for an e-mail or a direct mailer when you can go on Twitter and find a deal. Or better, check out the latest Groupon deal.

Lest we forget how Obama used the power of emerging media to, what I believe, win the presidential election. Some call President Obama the most “social” president in the history of the presidency. He used sites like Flickr and YouTube to disseminate his “message of hope”  and encouraged supporters to create their own content.

Either way, emerging media is evolving how we communicate. I look forward to sharing my thoughts over the coming weeks. Feel free to read about me in the About Me section.


New Dork: Social Media Anthem

I just caught wind of the latest video that will hit viral capacity within weeks; maybe even days. New Dork – Entrepreneur State of Mind is an anthem that culminates everything that is Social Media in a very fun and creative way. The best part about this song is its incorporation of mentions to Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg, Mashable, Gizmodo, LinkedIn and the blogosphere.

This Pantless Knights produced video is a parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” from the guys behind Grasshopper.com.

Speaking from personal experience, I can gladly say I am a New Dork!

Facebook is Awarded Patent for News Feed

Facebook is one inch closer to ruling the social world – or so that’s my opinion on the matter. On Tuesday, according to All Facebook, Facebook was awarded a U.S. Patent for “dynamically providing a news feed about a user of a social network.” What does this mean? Well, this gives Facebook the opportunity to pursue legal actions against other social networks which may infringe on their patent. And by social networks, I mean the likes of MySpace, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

Will They Really Sue?

It remains to be unseen as to the likelihood of Facebook seeking legal actions against other social networks. The patent only protects stories about actions of a user’s friends. So the likes of Twitter, which is based on “status updates”, will not be affected.

Overall, this is a great move for Facebook in solidifying their contributions to the social space and owning a piece of their history.

Social Commerce is a “Buzz”

In September, 2009, TigerDirect.com started tinkering with social media and Web 2.0 technologies. Basically, they hired me. In my world, it’s all about Social Commerce and how it can positively, or negatively, affect retail business.

What’s All the Buzz

It’s no surprise that Social Commerce is at the core of everything the business world should aspire to move towards. Social Commerce is an oxymoron where its foundation are terms we’ve all heard before: social media, social networking and social shopping.

At the core, the commonality of all of these “buzzwords” is social; the idea that communication between businesses and consumers have shifted the way we do business. It is the driving force behind user-generated content (another buzzword).

Success in Social Commerce

Here are some key points I have found that can greatly improve your chances of success in the Social Commerce world:

  • WOM converts in the 70-80% range as opposed to other methods (i.e., search marketing, advertising, etc.)
  • Care for Everyone
  • Customer Service is Everything: make sure all your efforts provide good customer service for all customers/fans/followers
  • Too much selling  & not enough servicing can deter current and future fans/followers/listeners
  • Don’t start selling from the get go; establish a voice & be heard
  • Join the conversation & invite others
  • Leverage “influencers” to speak their mind
  • Video works for everything
  • Spam & sell is too much, regardless if they tell you or not
  • Content & Customer Service is the nature of Social Media
  • Don’t be scared to say “I’m sorry”
  • ROI can come from Brand Advocates/Brand Equity: Less focus on sales & more on branding/customer service
  • When people care about you, you will have a long-term customer
  • WOM can help grow your business and it all starts with good customer service
  • Social Media = Long Term Relationships/ROI = Short Term Business

Hello 2010 & Social Media

The New Year is upon us and there are too many things to look forward to. TigerDirect.com’s Facebook fan page is now 100k fans strong and is only going up.

Social Media has impacted our company in more ways than one and will only keep moving up hill for our company and so many others.

I’ve been asked by so many of my colleagues as to why we should even invest in Social Media and what kind of impact has it had in the last six months. There’s no short answer to that question, nor can I give any details as to the ROI we’ve gotten from our Social Media efforts. I will, however, include a terrific video by Erik Qualman – author of Socialnomics – who has clearly paved the way for where Social Media is heading in 2010.

Social Media ROI: Socialnomics

social media hard at work

My Work

As some of you may know, I’ve been employed by TigerDirect.com to:

  • manage their social networks across Facebook & Twitter
  • implement and manage an online community (blogs, forums, wikis, etc.)
  • run all contests/sweepstakes/social media promotions

This has been a HUGE undertaking with the holidays approaching rather quickly, and projects being thrown at us at a million miles an hour. I will say, I LOVE my job! We’ve got several contests fast approaching, we’re constantly updating our social networks and we’re looking to set the trend and not follow it!

Don’t be Corporate – Be Personal

For many of you out there that think, “I have to make my content corporate because I work for a corporation,” I have one word of advice – don’t! People join your Facebook fan pages and follow you on Twitter not because of your corporate jargon, but because they want to actually speak to someone. It took me a bit of time to learn that, and it can be difficult to change that corporate mentality from the execs that sign your pay check, but let the actions speak for themselves. Since I’ve switched my content to a more personal one, I’ve seen an increase of interaction and better feedback from our TigerDirect Facebook Fans.

Measuring Social Media ROI

To show you the power of social media, when used correctly, I’ve included an interesting slideshow about how to measure and quantify social media. It discusses the basics of ROI and how to show it in your social media campaign. This may not be for every small/mid size business, but just take what you can from it and see if it helps. Enjoy!

amazing social media presentation

I stumbled across this great presentation, created by David Griner of Luckie & Company. It touches every important fact about social media, why it’s here, where it came from and, more importantly, where it’s going.

So have a look and share some of your feedback.

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